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Ruta 40 Tourist and Travel Guide

Ruta 40

Our Spanish language site offers plenty of suggestions and tips for planning a Road Trip along Argentina's Ruta Nacional 40 National highway. It details each sector of Route 40, providing information on the National Parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, places where you can trek, kayak, or enjoy a relaxing day fishing. You will find information and tips on how to drive the rugged Patagonian stretches or the winding mountain parts in Northern Argentina. Its towns and villages, lodging, and much more …

Bariloche Unesco Site Talampaya National Park Bird Watching


Patagonia: Breathtaking sceneries beside Lake Nahuel Huapi by San Carlos de Bariloche in the forested Andean mountains in Patagonia.

World Heritage

Among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites along Route 40 is La Cueva de las Manos, over 10,000 years old.


Its awesome red and ochre canyons make it with Ischigualasto a unique place.

Bird Watching

Several sites for watching birds are found along the Ruta 40 highway, especially in the northern region, La Puna.





Religious tourism Wines and wineries The glaciers Our people

Religious Tourism

Austere, mystical and very simple, the chapels in Northern Argentina beckon the traveler.

Wines and Wineries

From our renown Malbec to the Torrontés, to the highest vinyards in the whole world, all are close to Route 40.


The Los Glaciares National Park is awesome, with its harsh blue ice, turquoise lakes and Patagonian solitude.

The People

Natives, handicrafts, festivities, exotic local food, myths: the essence of our people.





Trivia: odd facts about Ruta Nacional 40

It is the longest highway in Argentina with a length of over 5.140 km de longitud (3,195 mi.), and one of the longest in the world. Some curious facts about it:

  • Its lowest point: 39 m (128 ft) above sea level at its starting point by the lighthouse at Cabo Vírgenes, (Cape Virigns) in Santa Cruz, Patagonia. This is also its southernmost point, beyond 52° S.
  • Its highes point: 4,952 m (a staggering 16,236 ft. above sea level at the Pass of Abra de Acay, Salta.
  • At its terminus, in the border town of La Quiaca, Jujuy, its altitude is 3,460 m. (11,344 ft).
  • It spans Argentina from 22° 45'S to the 52° South parallel, crossing 11 provinces and 3 provincial capitals.
  • It bridges 236 rivers and gives access to 18 National Parks.
  • Mina Pirquitas, in Jujuy, on the Ruta 40, is the highest town in Argentina, set at 4,271 m (14,003 ft) above sea level.
  • From Ruta 40 you can access the mighty Andes as well as 13 great lakes and salt flats.
  • More trivia and odd facts: [+]
Incredible destinations along the Ruta 40:
Ruta del Adobe
More to come

We are preparing English Language pages on the best tourist attractions that can be found along Ruta 40 highway, we will upload them as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, please visit our Spanish language site

Ruta 40
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Towns and Cities


Ruta 40 Sectors

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