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Your Maps of Ruta 40.

Explore Argentina's Ruta 40 highway, plan your roadtrip with these maps showing the main attractions, towns and villages. See if the road segments are paved or not, find interesting printable maps of the whole of Route 40.

Maps, Roadmaps and Plans...

The Maps of Ruta 40

Organizing your Route 40 roadtrip is much easier with maps, on this page you will find maps of each town, village, segment and attraction along the whole of Ruta Nacional 40 in Argentina.

See the maps

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Printable Maps

Province by Province along Ruta 40

They are listed by region and in each region, by province

To make it easier to find out where are the different scenic places and tourist destinations along the highway, we have included general maps which cover larger areas around Ruta 40:


a roadmap

Ruta 40 Roadmaps

Río Negro

Always carry a paper map

Take a paper map with you, they never fail


Santa Cruz

Miscellaneous maps of Patagonia


Mendoza province, maps from north to south:

With maps you travel with your imagination

Travel with your mind looking at a map...

San Juan

La Rioja



Planeá your roadtrip on Ruta 40 with a map

Use a map to plan your Ruta 40 roadtrip



Maps of the Puna highland plateau, the northern part of Ruta 40:

Google Maps de la Ruta 40

Tips and Suggestions about Maps

Always carry a map

Yes, your smartphone has maps (and Waze), but when you go out into the South American hinterland, carry a printed map. They are reliable (while mobile phone signal may vanish).

GPS have gradually pushed printed maps into oblivion, but a good roadmap which you can buy at a service station beats a GPS hands down when you have no signal.

It is a good practice to read your map before setting out: check the locations of the towns, the distances, work out how much fuel you may need, see if the road is paved or unpaved (that will impact on your speed and your travel time).

See which tourist attractions are marked on your map so that you can stop and enjoy them.



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